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Supporting and empowering women and children in need in Hawaii.

By providing comprehensive support, education, and resources, we aim to break the cycle of poverty, violence, and injustice. Through our efforts, we strive to build a community that embraces compassion, equality, and the well-being of every individual.

Shining Hope Gala 


November 18th, 2023  5:30-9:30 PM


More info to come



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Shelter and Housing Assistance

The Humanitarian Aid and Education or HAES; Support initiative is a vital effort that addresses the critical needs of women and children who are facing domestic violence, homelessness, or other challenging situations. The initiative's core objective is to offer these vulnerable individuals a safe and secure environment where they can seek refuge and begin the process of rebuilding their lives. This comprehensive approach integrates both temporary housing and educational support to ensure holistic assistance.

Support Shelter and Housing

Counseling and Support

We provide resources to local professional counseling services, including individual and group therapy sessions, to address emotional, psychological, and social challenges faced by women and children. This dedicated team of counselors and therapists help them overcome trauma, develop coping mechanisms, and foster personal growth.

Support Counseling Programs

Emergency Relief Assistance

In times of natural disasters or emergencies, Humanitarian and Education Support extends its services to provide emergency relief assistance to affected women and children. This includes access to temporary shelter, food, clothing, and essential supplies.

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